T h e  H o m e  o f  H e n r i  e t  F r a n ç o i s e  Q u i n t a
i n  P e r p i g n a n ,  F r a n c e .

The traditional and contemporary disciplines of the two designers are evident throughout this extraoridnary Palazzo-style home. (117kb) The house was contructed by the family whose fortunes were founded upon their JOB cigarette paper company. (83kb) The home is constructed on four levels around a central atrium, beneath wrought-iron glazing panels by Gutave Eiffel. (99kb) The bedrooms exemplify the meticulous attention to detail and were saved, like the rest of the house, from the decay of fifty years of abandonment. (116kb) Françoise Quinta's hand is evident in her decorative touches in the house, and in her interior design boutique in old Perpignan. (91kb)
Each assemblage is changed regularly, creating a constantly changing environment inspired by the owners' travels. (99kb) Even the Green Room, currently a Josephine Baker-meets-Louis XV extravaganza, is constantly evolving. (97kb) The reason Henri Quinta finally fell for the house: a complete period bathroom by the legendary céramiste Théodore Deck. (141kb) Design-statement perfume bottles meet the signed, hand-painted tiliing of Deck. (88kb) Marble being considered altogether too commonplace, the master escalier balustrading was instead created in onyx. (98kb)
This intimate everyday family dining area has a more contemporary feel, with furnishings designed by Henri Quinta, and Catalan fabrics by Toiles du Soleil, which the family owns. (99kb) The Grey Dining Room provides a stylish environment for relaxed entertaining. (60kb) The original basement kitchens retain their essential spirit, but have been entirely restored with furnishings by Henri Quinta. (48kb) Once again, the hand of Françoise is in evidence. (52kb) The Winter Garden effect of the atrium means that light fills the heart of the house. (72kb)
    Henri and Françoise Quinta's roof terrace provides a privileged retreat from the world and an overview of old Perpignan. (60kb)    

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